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Target Stationery Sdn Bhd has been in the business of selling high quality stationery and office furniture since we opened our doors in 2005. Target Stationery is a distributor for anything you need to run an efficient and organized office. We carry items from papers, computer forms, pens, pencils, erasers and post-it pads to desks, chairs, stationery cupboards and fire resistant cabinets. Any item that is not in our stock from our large inventory of products can be specially ordered and shipped in at the customer's request. We consider ourselves a "one-stop" supplier's satisfying client demand.
Overtime, Target Stationery has grown and adapted to the changing business and economic environment while gaining valuable experience along the way. As we look back at our humble beginnings, we are grateful to all our loyal customers and friends, and to the employees of Target Stationery, without whom none of our growth and success would have been possible.
Target Stationery is currently situated at Parcel B145 & B146, Ground Floor of Block B, i-Com Square, Jalan Pending, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia where we offer priority service to local clients and in most instances we deliver the next day. Showroow floor filled with samples of the various stationery items available from stock. In Miri, we are located at Lot 1446, Eastwood Valley Industrial Estate, Jalan Miri By Pass.
The in-house support tele-sales are always ready to answer any questions. So if you need stationery, furniture or office equipment give us a call at our offices today in Kuching 082 - 242 358 and in Miri 085 - 439 292 or email to or even follow us on our Facebook.
During our short existence we have already become known locally and we have a growing client base thanks to our great personnel and dedicated belief in client satisfaction. We have managed to gather some fantastic clients whom we supply with a wide variety of goods. As mentioned previously we are happy to source and supply anything we can, helping clients see us as a single source supplier.
Thanks to committed suppliers we can offer branded and non-branded line items depending on client needs. We have fought to get our pricing just right and we never waiver on product quality due to pricing. We offer the very best in branded inventory and when it comes to cost savings structures we also offer the very best in un-branded items giving you the best value for your buck. We also welcome any queries concerning any special items that may need to be made or printed, we will source and supply only the best pricing and products available to us.
We offer a wide variety of items ranging from:
  • General Office and Home Stationery
  • Office Machinery and Consumables
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Printers and Printer Consumables
  • Home and Office Cleaning Materials
  • Home and Office Groceries
  • Large Scale Branding & Signage
Target Stationery is committed to being the benchmark for supply of office and computer stationery products in Sarawak through:
  • Exceeding customer's expectations by understanding their businesses.
  • Providing competitive and cost effective stationery solutions combined with new technology and innovation.
  • Providing first class service being customer centric focused.
Target Stationery intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory service, economically viable and competitive prices yet never compromising on our quality. Commitment, loyalty and integrity are few core values that will help us realize our mission and build key relationships with our clients.
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